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Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

Here at Heart of Gold Sanctuary, we give hope to abandoned horses to once again

become a happy part of equine society. Specializing in gently training abused horses to trust humans so that we may live happily together. We also rehabilitate horses who have been abandoned due to laminitis and arthritis with diligent care and superior supplements.


The goal is to get the horses happy, healthy, and sound of mind so that they may be adopted by welcoming families.

We are grateful for your financial support and for volunteering your time

to help these beautiful creatures live the life they deserve.


Join Our Patreon!

Enjoy blog-style twice weekly updates with stories, videos, before and after pictures and holistic horse health recipes to cure common ailments like laminitis and cushings. Every tier gets free merchandise mailed to their home, and all proceeds go directly to Heart of Gold Sanctuary.



Heart of Gold Sanctuary is cared for by myself,

Suzy Berry, and my partner, Michael Singleton.


My aunt put me on her horse when I was just a baby, and I've loved them ever since. I grew up riding at a fancy show barn, and as I grew older I saw many sad cases of neglect and abuse that lead me to a life long journey of opening a horse sanctuary and rehabilitation center. By early 2018 I had finally saved enough to open Heart of Gold Sanctuary in Sonoma County, California. We began on a modest five acre ranch in Sebastopol, 50 miles north of San Francisco.


In 2021, we moved to a much larger ranch in nearby Forestville. If we can raise the money to do so, the ultimate dream is to create a venue that supports the horse sanctuary so that we may forever give happily ever afters to all creatures in need.


My business selling curated vintage fashion (@daintyrascalvintage on Instagram) supports the charity and I gladly welcome support financially and in person with volunteer assistance, to help care for our  horses, and for future expansion.


Sponsorships ~ Donations ~ Volunteer ~Adopt

Happy news for Jasmine! She finally got

Whether near or far, you can help by sponsoring a horse during their time at Heart of Gold Sanctuary. Sponsorships cover the basic cost of feed and hoof care. Sponsors receive monthly mailed or e-mailed updates with stories about their horse, it's progress and pictures! Your contributions are considered tax deductible!


Please join us at Heart of Gold Sanctuary, in Sebastopol of Sonoma County, California, to help socialize and care for these beautiful horses. Some of these horses have come from severe abuse situations and it's important to build trust and love for humans so that they can get ready for a new life with loving adopted family. Click here to see our volunteer opportunities and sign up!

Dawn is almost ready to find her new hap

The goal for every horse that comes to Heart of Gold Sanctuary, is to get ready to go to a new loving forever home. We take great care in training and rehabbing the health and spirit of the horses before they are considered ready for adoption. Click here to see a list of the currently available horses.


Heart of Gold Sanctuary is a non-profit tax deductible organization, so we send receipts to every donor for their records. Please be sure to send us your email or current mailing address in the note of your donation so we may send you your recipt for your records as well as a personal thank you for your supprt. One of the biggest reasons horses end up in abusive situations, is the cost of care. Horses eat like, well, a horse! They need consistent farrier services and occasional visits from the vet. Some of the horses are are recovering from illnesses and trying to gain weight, so supplements are a necessary expense. Please click below to give a donation!


Thank you for contacting Heart of Gold Sanctuary!

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