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Consider being a monthly sponsor!

Rescuing abandoned horses is a labor of love. When we take in a distressed horse, we never know if he or she will need extensive veterinary care, special shoeing every six weeks, or a unique diet. Every equine needs hay and grain twice daily, regular vet visits, clean bedding that is maintained every day (horses poop 12-16 times a day!), and so much more! Regular support that we can depend on is a gift for all of us!   

   Our monthly   operating costs

  • Ranch rent $8000

  • Electricity $800

  • Insurance $200

  • Truck rental $1200

  • Dump/garbage $150

  • Tools, construction materials, buckets, tack, etc. $350

  • Miscellaneous expenses ???

Average monthly cost per horse

  • Hay $300

  • Grain $200

  • Bedding (stall shavings) $180

  • Cleaning of stalls and pastures (volunteers help!!!)    $180

  • Vet bills      $250

  • Farrier (shoeing, hoof trimming)      $120

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