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Helping Others

     Please join us at Heart of Gold Sanctuary, in Sebastopol of Sonoma County, California, to help socialize and care for these beautiful horses. Some of these horses have come from severe abuse situations and it's important to build trust and love for humans so that they can get ready for a new life with loving adopted family. Whether you have no horse experience, or you're an experienced horse person, there's always something to do at the ranch! 

     We are always looking for volunteers to come and brush the horses. The more positive, undemanding socialization, the better for the horses. Most of the horses have come from abusive situations where their human interactions were frightening or unpleasant. We like to neutralize those memories with "Positive Trauma" giving them such a heavenly horsey home that they start to relax and show their personalities. Of course we always appreciate poop patrols to pick up and move the poop piles. Feel free to take some for the garden!

     Please send us a message through the site, or email us at if you would like to volunteer.

                                         P.S. bring carrots!  

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