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     Please join us at Heart of Gold Sanctuary, in Forestville, Sonoma County, California, to help socialize and care for these beautiful horses. Some of them have come from severe abuse situations and need to build trust and love for humans so that they can get ready for a new life with a loving adopted family. Whether you have no equine experience, or you're an experienced horse hand, there's always something to do at the ranch! 

     The horses love positive, undemanding socialization from volunteers who will brush and walk them. We especially need folks to fill water, clean stalls and corral areas. 

      For volunteers with other areas of expertise, there are construction and repair tasks that need a handy person with a power tool. An experienced fundraiser/grant writer would be very welcome. Got a truck and want to make some hay runs? You are our volunteer! 

      All of these roles are valued and necessary.

      P.S. Bring carrots!

Please email us at

to join our community.

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