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Horses Seeking Humans

The goal for every horse that comes to Heart of Gold Sanctuary, is to get ready to go to a new loving forever home. Before they're ready for adoption, we make sure every horse is happy, healthy and can perform basic tasks like walking respectfully in halter, standing for the farrier and loading in a trailer. Whether each horse is considered safe and sound for riding is on a case by case basis.

Dawn is almost ready to find her new hap


Seeking New Best Friend..


Age : 12

Breed : Oldenburg

Height : 17.1 Hands High! (HE'S HUGE)


Adoption Fee : $5,000

UPDATE: Cooper is currently in training doing trails and western pleasure. His background is english 3 day eventing, but we do not want him jumped anymore as he injured his rear hocks multiple times (minor and recovered, but best not to be rigorously jumped again). He is a stunning mover, very forward with giant strides. Very flashy and fancy for dressage. He has tested negative for epm for over a year, and is healthy. 


Cooper, the gentle giant, came to us from UC Davis where he was going to be put down for possibly having a parasite known as EPM. He's a well trained show jumper with incredible dressage movement! He came to Heart of Gold Sanctuary in late June 2019. Just a couple months later, he's been cleansed of any harmful parasites, gaining weight, muscle and building solid hooves. He stepped off the trailer with shoes much too big for his hooves, which were crumbling, and literally glued together! We didn't suspect him to have EPM, rather it seems his weak hind end was from malnutrition and hoof neglect, but we treated him for EPM anyways to be safe. He is perfectly sound, should remain barefoot, and would appreciate a good rider who won't push him to hard and will keep him barefoot and well trimmed with a special diet to ensure strong hooves. Please contact us to set up a visit with Super Duper Cooper!



Age : 15 ~ 20

Breed : Unknown - Rocky Mountain Horse?

Status : Adoptable to Expert Horseperson Only

Adoption Fee : $850

Jasmine was rescued from a feed lot where she was waiting for slaughter. She had a long run as a Premarin broodmare. Her life was miserable and cruel and she had no reason to like or trust humans. She's been with us for almost 4 years now, and it has taken a lot of love and patient understanding to be able to approach, halter and groom her. She secretly likes it, but she's still very watchful. She's beautiful but has poor confirmation from having so many babies and living in a stall most of her life. She is just getting used to picking her feet up for the farrier without sedation, and would only be adoptable as a companion horse to an experienced horse person who will pet her daily. Without regular affection, she will regress into being a wild horse.



Age : 12

Breed : Standardbred (Gaited)

Height : 17hh

Status : Ready to Adopt!

Adoption Fee : $1,800

Tilly is our most recent addition to the herd. She is only 10 years old, formerly a show horse. She had a hock injury that she has recovered from about a year ago. She's extremely well trained and very respectful of people. She loves getting scratches and oats! She is a GIANT at 17hh. She can be a little nervous so we are recommending an intermediate rider for Tilly. She is very forward and currently doing dressage and trails. Her gait is very smooth.



Age : 11

Breed : Quarter Horse

Height : 15.2hh

Status : Ready to Adopt!

Adoption Fee : $1,500

  Indy is a gentle sweetheart, calm enough for children to ride. She came to us quite overweight (a first for us!) and is trimming down and gaining muscle. Indy was trained as a roping horse and unfortunately got a shoulder injury in the gate. She was sold to a children's riding academy to teach kids to ride, then was sold to a woman who originally wanted her for a trail horse, but really had too many horses and wasn't able to give her the attention she deserves. She ended up grazing in a field getting quite fat until she found us. Due to her former shoulder injury, we are asking that she be a trail horse with occassional light arena work.



Age : 3

Breed : Pure Arabian

Height : 15.2hh

Status : Ready to Adopt!

Adoption Fee : $7,500

  Legend is the sweetest puppy of a horse! He loves to cuddle and play. He's an incredibly smooth ride too! We started his training here at the Sanctuary about 3 months ago, and he has done arena work and trails with calm ease! He is wonderful to ride, no spooks or bucks! Like any arab, he is forward, but he is not naughty, and as he ages, he will become even more mature. He goes both english and western! He is BEAUTIFUL! He will be more than a wonderful ride, he will be a best friend for life. 


Age : 5

Breed : Warmblood (Dutch Carriage Horse X Fresian)

Height : 16hh

Status : Ready to Adopt

Adoption Fee : $35,000

Targaryen is currently in training for EVERYTHING! He does both English and Western, and even pulls a carriage! This horse is our baby that we have raised and loved with all of our hearts. He is also beinf used as a professional photoshoot horse model. He is an excellent poser and a very smooth ride for bareback. He does trails, trailers, bathes, barefoot trims all in perfect form. His adoption fee will pay for the feed and care of all his friends he is leaving behind here at the sanctuary. He is a natural born athlete and with the right trainer there's nothing he can't do. His price is not negotiable, he is a one of a kind wonder horse and best friend.



Age : 15

Breed : Paint

Height : 15hh

Status : Ready to Adopt as Companion Only!

Adoption Fee : $850

Shasta came to us in July, extremely emaciated and sick. She has a genetic defect causing constant inflammation and possible fusing in her front knee joints, so she is a companion horse only. Her former owner who surrendered Shasta and another horse, Tono, who has since been adopted, said she was the kids ranch horse. I however do not think she should be ridden at all. Shasta is a sweet and submissive mare looking for a home where she will be loved on and brushed and live with preferably one other horse in need of a sweet friend. She sure is a beauty to look at! We also take her for hand walks. She is very well behaved. 



Age : 22

Breed : Pony Power Puff

Status : Ready to Adopt

Adoption Fee : $850

   Flower is an absolute angel pony! She is SO much fun to ride! She was formerly a trail horse and started losing her vision and was surrendered to us. Flower's vision seems to be related to her stress, making me believe she gets stress caused inflammation pressing on her optic nerve. When she gets regular exercise and is kept separate from the other horses, she has fine vision, mostly in one eye. Whenever we have tried to put her to pasture with other horses, she loses her sight completely. She is still a joy to ride, and is very forward. She is great in the arena and on the trails. However she is strong and wants to run. Best for an intermediate rider who wants to ride often and vigorously. She never seems to tire! She likes to be near other horses, but not share space with them.



AGE : 29


HEIGHT : 14.3hh

STATUS : Ready to Adopt!


    Dancer is as full of life as he is old! He was a stallion until he came to us July 2022, when I gelded him so he could spend his final years in a herd of other horses. He still gets ridden almost daily and LOVES to run! He's an Arabian through and through, always eager to do something! He loves trails most of all and is brave and calm. He even likes to choose his own path and go exploring if you'll allow it. No need for a bit with Dancer, he knows the ropes. He is a perfect gentleman now and does not mount the mares. He does make funny dinosaur noises and "protects" the ladies he loves. He was a child's horse even when he was a stallion, we trust him with all our hearts!


Black Beauty

Black Beauty is here for life, well loved by his adopted parents Regina and Mike who love their horse son with all their hearts! Black Beauty is a cuddle bug and treat beggar!



Rosa is currently in training and not available for adoption at this time. She is well loved by Aisha Daniels who gives her lots of cuddles and rides her on the trails.



Addicus is King of the ranch, and King of my heart. I got Addicus when I was 13 years old, and in a way, he is my first rescue. His spirit remains unbroken which has led many trainers to suggest euthanizing him. We celebrate his desire to to thwart hierarchal power structures at every opportunity, our beloved Anarchist. He will be my bad baby forever.


Louie - ADOPTED!

Louie came to us at only about a month old, with his mother Athena. Both were terribly sick with Strangles, one of four pregnant mares with foals saved in June 2020 from a feedlot who intended to send them to slaughter. Louie is over a year old now, and a cuddly little curious kid. He is the bravest of all the horses, leads well on his halter, round pens perfectly, picks up his hooves for the farrier and stands happily for the vet. He LOVES attention, constantly! He is currently not gelded due to his slow growth start. He is available for adoption to an experienced horseperson looking to take on a training project and lifelong friend.


Ruby and Mithril

Ruby and Mithril, along with their buddies, two black miniature horses, Oscar and Plum, are here for as long as their loving owner needs our financial assistance. We offer their Mama a free pasture and all expenses paid happy retirement life here at the Sanctuary. The young woman who owns them inherited them when her mother passed on, and didn't have the financial ability to care for them, but also loves them with all her heart. She comes over to ride them and give them her love.

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