Horses Seeking Humans

The goal for every horse that comes to Heart of Gold Sanctuary, is to get ready to go to a new loving forever home. Before they're ready for adoption, we make sure every horse is happy, healthy and can perform basic tasks like walking respectfully in halter, standing for the farrier and loading in a trailer. Whether each horse is considered safe and sound for riding is on a case by case basis.

Dawn is almost ready to find her new hap


Seeking New Best Friend..


Age: 13-15.  

Breed: Quarter Horse

Status: Ready for Adoption!

Companion Only, Not for Riding


Dawn is the sweetest, most well trained horse at Heart of Gold Sanctuary. She has been with us about 6 months now. When I first met Dawn, she was limping so badly that it was recommended that she be put down. After lots of diligent hoof care and a whole new anti-inflammatory diet, Dawn is now walking and trotting with ease. She is a gentle, loving horse who would like a best friend to spend time with, and would be good with children or older adults looking for a horse to bond with. She had a tough life as a ranch horse and when she went lame, she was destined for slaughter instead of someone taking the time to help her. She is curious and incredibly well built! We think Dawn should be on the cover of Horse Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! Please contact us to set up a visit with Dawn.

Dawn is almost ready to find her new hap



Age : 10

Breed : Oldenburg

Height : 17.1 Hands High!

Status : ADOPTED!

UPDATE: Cooper is currently living his best life on a farm in Solano County, California. He has a 'girlfriend', another thoroughbred, and enjoys riding with his new owner. 


Cooper, the gentle giant, came to us from UC Davis where he was going to be put down for possibly having a parasite known as EPM. He's a well trained show jumper with incredible dressage movement! He came to Heart of Gold Sanctuary in late June 2019. Just a couple months later, he's been cleansed of any harmful parasites, gaining weight, muscle and building solid hooves. He stepped off the trailer with shoes much too big for his hooves, which were crumbling, and literally glued together! We didn't suspect him to have EPM, rather it seems his weak hind end was from malnutrition and hoof neglect, but we treated him for EPM anyways to be safe. He is perfectly sound, should remain barefoot, and would appreciate a good rider who won't push him to hard and will keep him barefoot and well trimmed with a special diet to ensure strong hooves. Please contact us to set up a visit with Super Duper Cooper!



Age : 15 ~ 20

Breed : Unknown

Status : Adoptable to Expert Horseperson Only

Jasmine was rescued from a feed lot where she was waiting for slaughter. She had a long run as a Premarin broodmare. Her life was miserable and cruel and she had no reason to like or trust humans. She's been with us for almost 3 years now, and it has taken a lot of love and patient understanding to be able to approach, halter and groom her. She secretly likes it, but she's still very watchful. She's beautiful but has poor confirmation from having so many babies and living in a stall most of her life. She is just getting used to picking her feet up for the farrier without sedation, and would only be adoptable as a companion horse to an experienced horse person who will pet her daily. Without regular affection, she will regress into being a wild horse.



Age: 2

Breed: Warmblood

Status: Adoptable by Expert Horseperson Only.


River was still a fuzzy baby when I first met him about 6 months ago. You couldn't even touch him, and he was a year old. River was a product of the Premarin Industry, taken from his mother just a couple months old and sent to a feed lot where he would be slaughtered. He was abused and did not want to be near people at all. He's undergone extensive natural horsemanship training and is now quite the friendly little gentleman! He is extremely curious and smart and an excellent mover! He likes to jump over things and would be a brave 3 day eventer someday. He is about to have his first ride after two years of intensive training with tack, ground-driving and desensitization. He's a quick learner and really loves other horses. He was castrated in July 2019 and is now a gelding. Please contact us to set up a visit with River.



Age : 2

Breed : Warmblood (Dutch Carriage Horse?)

Status : Happy at Home

Targaryen is currently being trained to ride! He is not currently available to adopt.



Addicus is King at Heart of Gold Sanctuary, and a permanent residence and mascot! He will live is whole happy life making trouble for us while he delights in life as a free horse!



10 yr old Standardbred Mare

Companion only due to injury

Ready to Adopt!

Tilly is our most recent addition to the herd. She is only 10 years old, formerly a show horse. She had a hock injury that still hurts her when we attempt to ride her, and for that reason we are only rehoming her as a companion only horse. She's extremely well trained and very respectful of people. She loves getting scratches and oats! She is a GIANT at 17hh.


Rosa is currently in training and not available for adoption at this time.



Louie came to us at only about a month old, with his mother Athena. Both were terribly sick with Strangles, one of four pregnant mares with foals saved in June 2020 from a feedlot who intended to send them to slaughter. Louie is over a year old now, and a cuddly little curious kid. He is the bravest of all the horses, leads well on his halter, round pens perfectly, picks up his hooves for the farrier and stands happily for the vet. He LOVES attention, constantly! He is currently not gelded due to his slow growth start. He is available for adoption to an experienced horseperson looking to take on a training project and lifelong friend.


Ruby and Mithril

Ruby and Mithril, along with their buddies, two black miniature horses, Oscar and Plum, are here for as long as their loving owner needs our financial assistance. We offer their Mama a free pasture and all expenses paid happy retirement life here at the Sanctuary. The young woman who owns them inherited them when her mother passed on, and didn't have the financial ability to care for them, but also loves them with all her heart. She comes over to ride them and give them her love.